IRC Client in C# and WPF

This IRC client is written in C# 5.0 on Microsoft's WPF framework.
It was written from the ground up in a weekend for the Live Chat plugin in Parakeet 2.

IRC Client

I use this IRC client on a daily basis so I'm aware of its shortcomings, but it does all I need it to and I'm not going to spend more time on it. It's open-source so feel free to do it yourself and submit a pull request. It is based on the base style app also extracted from Parakeet 2.

Pull Requests & License

You're free to fork this project and to submit pull requests to the main repository. It's released under the MIT license. If you make good changes on a fork or personal project, everyone would benefit if you submit a pull request to bring those changes into the main repository as well.


The repository is hosted on GitHub and is available here: