Windows deadlock in GameMaker Studio 2 April 20th 2019

Let's address the Windows deadlock issue in GameMaker Studio 2 quickly. This is not a technical post but an informative one to inform users frequently suffering from this issue how to obtain a higher quality of life with GMS2. Odds are if you use GMS2 on Windows 10, you've experienced untimely occurrences of "this application has stopped responding". Maybe it's by trying to open a project through an open file dialog, closing your debugging session or your running game, or by dragging a file over the GMS2 window. This bug rears its ugly head through many seemingly disjoint actions and it's possible to spend many hours in GMS2 without triggering it.

The bug report can be found here: Bug Report. Fixing it is always one of our top priorities and we are thankfully getting a little help from our friends at Microsoft with it.

I wanted to inform you how to obtain a higher quality of life with GMS2 if you're frequently suffering from this (I know I am). We know how to trigger the problem and we know that the primary characteristic of it is that it appears to be "session-based"; it happens the first time you try one of the trigger actions or not at all. The most prominent trigger action is the windows file dialog: this appears when you click to open an existing project or import images on a sprite. What we're going to do is attempt to trigger the problem immediately after opening GMS2.

After opening GameMaker Studio 2 click "Open" on the Start Page. If it worked this will spawn an open file dialog. If the dialog appears, you have a good session - the deadlock issue will never occur for you during that session. If you close and re-open GMS2, it can occur again. On the other hand, your instance of GameMaker Studio 2 might become unresponsive and result in a "this application has stopped responding" prompt. That means you had a bad session and the next time you carried out any of the triggering actions it would have locked up and you would be forced to relaunch GMS2. Retry these steps with new instances of GMS2 until you successfully see the open file dialog and rest assured that you won't encounter the deadlock issue for the entirety of that session.

GMS2 Start Page

You can also carry out these steps in a way that doesn't lock up GMS2. Instead of clicking "Open" on the Start Page, click "Marketplace" in the menu bar and then "Open Marketplace". This will open the marketplace inside GameMaker Studio 2. If this tab remains as a white screen for an extended period of time - keep in mind this is depending on your internet connection and the server status of the marketplace - then you have a bad session. If the marketplace loads correctly you have a good session. You will also find that if the marketplace fails to load - i.e. it remains as a white screen - then clicking "Open" on the Start Page will cause GMS2 to lock up. If the marketplace didn't load and GMS2 didn't hang when you clicked "Open", then the marketplace failed to load for other reasons.

GMS2 Start Page